Company principle


Nowadays science and technology to develop, manufactur with the rapid development of the world , a large number of electronic or IT products such as computers and plastic products to be replaced for disposal in each year.

Plastic products difficult to decomposition under natural conditions, these products contain harmful chemicals on human or ecological environment.

In view of this situation , our company responsible for this type of a products environmental mission.。

Company is committed to environmental protection, renewable resources, principles of resource recycling.

Reducing air pollution to environment, minimizing as much as possible on the environment and air pollution.

Business Scope


We are a Professional companies to provide materials destroyed the inventory, material manufacturers left, warehouse backlog, customs and quarantine, cancellation of Hong Kong back material : IC, two transistors, capacitors, crystal oscillators and other electronic components, electronics, computer accessories, plastics and metals, toys, PCB circuit board, residuals generated in production and DVD laser heads for environmental treatment and recovery. Delivery in both China mainland and Hong Kong.

Accordance with customer development of destruction programmes to deal with, due to the Division of equipment, service-oriented to meet the needs of our customers.

Company Honour


We have obtained the environmental protection certificates issued by Hong Kong Environmental Proection Department, and the menber of Hong Kong Recycled Materials & Re-production Business General Association. Through the ISO 14001:2004 Environment Management System Certificate and ISO 9001:2008 International Quality Management Certificate.

We, with several years of recycling experience, complete equipment. Good reputation. We provide services and enviromental protection treatment schemes to varions enterprises. Now we have signed environmental protection contracts with several large enterprises.

Management principle

King Fung Metal Electronics Recycling Co. Ltd is a committed to providing treatment services for mjor companies, constantly improve the quality of services and enhance the overall quality of the Division team. Ensurem that there are adequate resources ton achieve the customer's requirements.

So King Fung to develop a blueprint is committed to develop into a regional and even global large-scale enviromental protection enterprises.

We provide transportation, storage, warehousing, processing, recycling, and recycling full service integrated enterprises.